IE doesn’t just talk about the energy savings that are achievable to you, they make sure they are implemented as well. They use their experience of energy saving measures and ensures they are delivered with the minimum amount of fuss.

Electric meter, closeup

Some of the delivery services that IE undertake on your behalf include:

  • Metering and Logging – IE can install temporary or permanent metering and logging solutions to diagnose issues within buildings. This includes;3 phase incoming electricity logging and meter verificationCircuit level electrical monitoringTemperature and humidity logging
  • Endotherm – This is a heating additive that increases the heat transfer rate and results in your room reaching temperature faster. The radiators then remain hot for longer and less fuel is consumed.
  • Easy Win’ Lighting – IE can supply and install various LED lighting replacements where the lamps (bulbs) are replaced in the existing fittings resulting in fast payback with minimum disruption.
  • Building tune up – Understanding all of the different elements that go into heating and delivering hot water to your building can be complex and confusing. Taking a systematic approach, IE can review how your building operates against the individual controls, timeclocks and thermostats to ensure that the building is running as efficiently as possible.
  • SavaWatt – most buildings contain fridges and freezer which are always on. IE can supply and install a SavaWatt device on to domestic style fridges and freezers to save around 18% of the power used by these devices.
  • Water Savings – Often, water is over looked when reviewing savings, but simple actions can make huge savings. Installation of cistern displacement bags oversized WC cisterns, flow regulators on hot and cold water taps, and flow regulators on showers to establish a 7.6l flow regardless of water pressure are all offer immediate savings.
  • Plug Tags and Posters – Not switching off appliances can have a cumulative effect of wasted energy across large buildings such as schools and offices. Clearly identifying which plugs can be turned off or not, and giving users the ownership to do that, can have dramatic effects on energy consumption. IE can install our custom made plug tags to aid users in doing just that.

Each of these delivery mechanisms can provide energy savings, or provide you the enhanced information to target specific areas to save energy.

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Inspired Efficiency have delivered tangible results as well as informed our overall energy strategy going forward. We’ve seen great savings and can move forward with continued improvements.

Alan Neale