Buildings don’t waste energy. People that use and operate them do.

There is only so much you can do to support energy reduction before needing to engage with the people that use the building.

IE support people to make the best choices to maximise saving energy and reduce wastage. This can often come from a lack of knowledge in the first place.

We deliver a range of programmes to promote energy efficiency behaviours of occupants and to FM teams. This can include:

  • Workshops to provide more technical teams with the specific knowledge they need to operate their specific buildings in the most efficient way
  • Training Programmes for general occupants (ranging from Primary School pupils to office staff) to advise them on the best energy choices they can make
  • Plug Tags and other simple measures to empower people with the knowledge they need to easily save energy on a daily basis.


When we engage with the client, we take time to speak with the people that use and operate the building to understand and match our recommendations to the needs of the users. We support and advise on the best ways in which current behaviours can be adapted and what barriers prevent this from happening. Ensuring early engagement can be a crucial step in the process towards seeing real savings.

We then work with the existing teams to provide them with the knowledge and understanding they need, specific to their building, to operate it in the most efficient way. We work with the organisations to remove any barriers which exist, be that policies or wrongly learnt behaviours, and demonstrate the energy saving actions.

To ensure the highest possible success of any programmes it is important to gain the commitment from the most senior manager possible as evidence has shown that strong demonstration of good practice from the top’ delivers the best outcomes.

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Inspired Efficiency have delivered tangible results as well as informed our overall energy strategy going forward. We’ve seen great savings and can move forward with continued improvements.

Alan Neale