22 Jun 2016

Galliford Try PSBP 2

IE delivered full Energy Management services for

22 Jun 2016

IE delivered full Energy Management services for 11 new build Priority Schools Building Programme 2 (PSBP2) schools.


IE has experience of managing multiple site energy programmes and had previously worked on another Galliford Try Education project. As this programme is building the next generation of new, energy efficient schools, IE were involved from before the handover to ensure commissioning and procedures were set up correctly and within contract target requirements from the start.
Having an early involvement ensured that IE could review all the projects at the correct stage and advise on energy and metering related snagging items and feed back to the construction team to correct. As well as this, IE reviewed all the energy management plans and strategy documents and oversaw the energy related commissioning and set-ups to ensure that the highest levels of efficiency could be achieved.
What we did
The new PSBP schools started to become The new PSBP2 schools started to become operational in early 2016 and IE is undertaking the complete energy management requirements for the first 11 PSBP2 schools for the first 3 years and then working with the project team to help them become self- sufficient in delivering the day to day energy management but continuing to provide expert input when needed.
The first school had over 20 energy related issued identified that required urgent action. The next 4 schools to be delivered had all these items addressed, demonstrating that early proactive involvement avoids repeated issues. In the first month of IE’s involvement, we saw a 15% reduction in energy consumption in the first school. The savings were delivered in a manner which can be both sustained and continually improved.
The PSBP2 contractual targets for energy and water are now starting to be met by the schools through this early efficiency work.

Being the first batch of new PSBP schools to become operational this is exciting project to be involved with and is showing that early energy management input starting before handover can deliver the schools with energy consumption to the challenging targets.

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